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(no subject) [Nov. 8th, 2005|07:55 pm]
[feel |sadsad]

I am grounded for a really long time. I dont get to chill with peeps until late December, and that is only if I work really hard and bring up my grades. This makes me really really really sad.

I hate being at home now, it really sucks. Not getting to go places and hang with friends made me realize even more how home sucks, and sometimes i actually WANT to be in school, and school isnt really that terrible aside from the little bit of work.

recently i've started walking around like everywhere with music. its nice. very nice, and it feels like nothing or like floating or something cliche like that. i go down to the meadow, and have to climb over much fence. I wish I sleeped down there more often. Its nice to lay down there, even though you know horses have access to where you are laying down and if they were really pissed off mean horses they could like kick you and that would break something.

Anyway, I write poetry. I hope my dad lets me at least go to the upcoming slam. My dad is a jerk. Did I mention I'm grounded for a long time?

I wrote a new Oliver the Machine Gun song that Jeff apparently likes a lot, and we played it and recorded it and it should be up on our myspace soon or now or then or sometime. its the one whose string of numbers begins with 3. this past OTMG practice will be the last until x-mas break due to my being grounded. why cant life just be easy and fun all of the time. errrrg. anyway, i write little songs by myself a lot now. folk songs. folkSY songs. i dunno, I think they're neat.

I am a socially awkward person, I think. Sometimes I avoid eye contact with people, I only talk when I feel like it, and walk strange and talk strange (sometimes). I just thought I would address this in blog form. Okay?

Music is fantastic. I like it a lot. For a while recently I went through a period of not listening to much music, instead reading poetry and observing art. But. Whatever. Music rules. ESPECIALLY DIRTY BY SONIC YOUTH!. Oh and I like Against Me now. I dont really know why. One day I decided that my ears often agree with melodic folksy punk and can get along pretty well. I also love Street Trash. They're amazing. Its not your average fast punk, it's different. Thats all I will say, check them OUT.

I watch skate movies a lot now. Who knows why. I download them. I skateboard too, but am rarely motivated enough. I just recently got my board back from Zach. I dunno.

My life stinks right now. I hope yours is good. I cant wait until Christmas break. I might be able to go up to Westchester or Exton or somewhere in Pennsylvania to see Sam Bram on Christmas break, that will be awesome if it happens. I've been talking to camp friends a lot lately, Sam and also especially Schantz. Schantz is a great kid, and one of the few kids my age I can talk to about art and politics and, you know, things that I like and stuff.

Well, this is about it. See ya around, darlings. or darling, if only one person reads this.
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(no subject) [Oct. 30th, 2005|10:45 am]
[ear |Hank Sr.]

North Harford High School was painful. I came home and felt dead, but this was the day I was to perform music with Oliver the Machine Gun at a friend's party. My dad took me down to Jeff's and we all packed up, lotz. Amps, PA, drums, guitars, wires, mics, stands, cymbals, sticks, parts, things. All mananged to be compacted into a van and a car and we made our way to the party. It was very very cold. That is about all I remember. We were numb during our performance. It was long, not horrible but cold. We made a lot of inside jokes into Michael Elizabeth Turpin's PA. Zach played two drum solos, and we was actin' a fool. I came home exhausted and stood under hot water in the shower for a bit and then talked on AIM and felt like shit.

I woke up home alone and feeling wishy washy and turned on the computer. I stayed on said computer for a good while, then showered and took a very long nap. Then I had to go to guitar lessons so I brought my gits and my mom took me up. Turns out gits lessons were cancelled by Randy and my mom was nice enough to take me up into York and I purchased


i ate a REALLY greasy auntie anne's pretzel.

When I came home I dont really remember what I did, probably sat around bored. I took a walk in the woods, ate some food, and then worked on basement cleaning with my dad so i can have my magnificent Teen Pop Party on thursday. then Amber Adams called and we talked for a long while. then back to fooling around on computer until 2am where I proceeded to lay on my pillow and be subconscious. Pretty boring day if you ask me.

Had to wake up early because my parents wanted to drag me to church. OMG tortuuuure. then i ate french toast and listened to hank williams and nothing interesting has happened since and i dont really expect anything will. I saw a newpaper article in the Harford section about the slam, and the front picture is Steve Kirk in one of his Steve Kirk poses. teehee

PS kim gordon's voice on Dirty is sexalicious
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2005|07:19 pm]
this is a livejournal update.

i spend my dayz on the net and taking pictures which i mostly delete and walking in the woods. i cant wait until tomorrow. there will be a performance by some silly band im in called oliver the machine gun at my homegirl emily's party, and then ill hang with travis at this homecoming shit if he can make it. we are vagabonds, we travel without seatbelts on.

yesterday i dont even remember what was happening in the life of me. i felt weird and depressed. social, fear, school, words. its a blur now and the woods arent as pretty anymore.

tuesday i wanted Amber Rae Adams to come visit, but she had coat shopping to do. she called a bazillion times. i love that. nothing beats being alone with a phone and a friend and a conversation manifesto. that day was strange too. i pissed in my front yard in the dark in the rain twice.

i made a new friend Sara. she's dating jeff. she's a lot of fun. we've been exchanging mixes and inviting eachother to parties. meeting new people makes me smile lotz.

i have letters to write, as i started a Letters thing like ray johnson. i want to use the USPS. i want to put on stamps, i want to lick even though its uncomfortable and tastes strange.

partyz soon
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2005|06:36 pm]
this one involves band practice and Tyrone Wilson's pizza. mainly the former.

i had band practice yesterday and it was so refreshing. it was great to hang with zach and jeff and play music again, it felt so good to play those opening chords to Gasoline Binge once again. it was mega fun practicing in jeffs basement. we used a lamp stand as a mic-stand, just taped the mic to it. we acted a fool. i deep thoated jeff's mic several times. we recorded a new song, which you can hear on www.myspace.com/oliverthemachinegun. (its the third one down). we have our set all ready for the party, and only have two more songs to record for the demo and one of which we already have down and the other is kinda improvish, so expect the demo out VERY soon. jerry creighton came to my door to pick me up while i was still in my undies, so i had to get my crap together and get dressed like in 2 minutes because i am really stupid. after band practice we made a movie called "Tyrone Don Know Where He Pizza At" which should be floating around on the internet in a matter of days. i stayed up till about 4:30am that night. i met a cool new person last night via AIM, Garrett, who shares a lot of musical and artistic interests with me and goes to my school, it always feels good to have made new friends.

today i woke up at 9 uggghh, and ate breakfast and hastily did homework and then acted bored on AIM. i listened to some Gangstarr. then Amber gave me a call and we talked for a zillion hours. then i had to go to gits lessons and Randy fixed my guitar. then i had to go to the grocery store with the folks, which was ick. somewhere in between there i went to a few antiques shops and found a really really cool old phonograph player for like ten gatrillion bucks. i bought some old Stereocards that look cool. i plan on using them as postcards or something. i dunno. visually pretty cool and strange. then i ate dinner (stuffed shells, they were ok) and now i am chilling here and listening to death in june. that is about it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|07:11 am]
well last night was the slam and jam. it was pretty much amazing.

open mic was sweet, i definitely kicked the asses of those girls that did green day and didnt know how to use a microphone. this girl came up to me after and said my performance was the best, and that made me feel good. she also complimented my Smiths shirt. we chatted briefly, i wish i had hunted her down after the slam but oh well my dad was waiting and i didnt have much time. i pretty much hung out with Amber freakin Adams the whole time because duhzorz she's the coolest, and i hung with zach too, and jeff. for open mic zach came up and said "i pity the fool" twice and sat down. Me, Jared, and Amber gave him a standing ovation. I think I made a couple new friends, which is definitely awesome. steve kirk did some pretentious crap and mike turpin kicked the fool's ass by doing this all-out Anarchy bashing poem. it was amazing, it was performed so well. I screamed like a mad man when Turp came on and off. I probably made myself look like an idiot for insisting to scream and holler obnoxiously and like a lunatic whenever my friends slammed or open-mic'd but oh well. turpin won the slam belt and danced around with it afterward. amazing. lacey was upset, i felt bad but oh well. chris august was the guest slammer, and he was AMAZING. amber talked a good bit about how hot he was, i'd have to agree. he was really great though. mr wilson did a slam about senior prom and it was excellent. a certain matt fowler kept glaring at me. >:O. i wish i had gotten to talk to krystal more. oh well. jeff burkins referenced Charmander and "Happy Birthday Ralph" by Atom and His Package in his poem. great stuff.

anyway, point is, slam ruled the end.

soon today band practice shall occur and i am SO PUMPED. gonna be awesome.
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2005|04:58 pm]
[ear |death in june- brown book]

german: sleep
health: Oprah
guitar: Jeff
science: fire drill and Mike Turpin

my head feels weird. i cant wait till the slam.

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(no subject) [Oct. 18th, 2005|07:31 pm]
band practice was supposed to go on. jeff had homework and shit to do, so it was just me and zach. :( we tried to do a jam just me and him but my wire went like EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH in the middle of the song, this big sheet of feedback, so now i need two new wires. i found out that mary beth and jerry creighton were offended by the Das Mahlwerk lyrics and theres a possiblity mike cant come down anymore to do DM. WTF!!! Jesus those lyrics were so stupid and like nothing. anyway, zach and i had an ok time. we made pictures (which I will post tomorrow or something) and did some shred sledding. we found a caterpillar in the driveway and i adopted it and named it J Mascis and it shit on my hand. we came to jeffs house while he was doing homework at like 8:00 and threw sticks and pebbles and mulch and shit at his window rapidly, rang his doorbell, beat on basement doors, and just generally harassed his family. zach and i drank hot cocoa prepared by mary beth creighton while sitting on zach's shed that night and it was delicious. zachs flagpole is not too sturdy.

nothing really went on. jeff wasnt as pissed as we thought he would be. he listened to both butthole surfers albums, that is good. today in health i thought someone was calling my name and i turn around to john bosley and im like WHAT!!!! and nobody had said anything, and i was really weirded out for a good while. in guitar lab jeff and i talked like mofos, and i failed miserably at whatever we were supposed to be playing. i played Stockholm Syndrome like 40 times and here comes your man as well. homeroom was relaxing, i chit chatted with sara and mike, and jared once again informed me of how ridiculous i look as i walk and talk. on the bus i felt as if i were going to die of a heat stroke. it was so hot and i had a headache from the heat, i was about too exhausted from the heat to take off my buttoned up flannel and felt just generally weird. i listened to fugazi and ian mackaye spoke to me. i came home and put on AIM and lazy mode. i am procrastinating right this moment, and about to go down to the stream to throw rocks and think.

today was wishy washy. my dad woke me up 15 minutes before i had to catch the bus, and the whole morning was a disaster. english was the pits and we had to work in groups (i dont like anyone in that class) and got hassled by a lacrosse jock about "being a druggie". yeah geesh im such a druggie. whatever. kyle was a peer helper whatever such and such in that class so i got to talk to him which was cool. found out more about the slam, ive gotta sign up to do open mic (wtf?) and im just gonna hang out between ping pong and the slam with holly and kyle and sara (i assume) and whoever else is doing that. 2 hours hangin out in the school between events, COOOOOO YO. (i guess). OMG i havent started working on memorizing the stockholm syndrome lyrics yet. chances are i wont get to that till tomorrow, a day before the event. anyway back to today as a school day, math was you know etc etc whatever. blah. FOT really sucked and i had to piss really bad like the whole period almost. lunch was cool, i sat with kyle and holly and sara. except i got hassled by some jocks in the lunch line, that was fuckin annoying. fucking football assholes. jesus christ. they kept calling my name and i was like "Fuck you" because i guess that was the best i could come up with. who cares. american government: i showed up like 5-10 minutes late because i decided to wander around the school. mrs rose didnt care. bwaha. that period was fun, i talked to emily and chad was being a weird republican goof when mrs rose mentioned gun control/NRA/amendment 2. i missed the bus talking to zach and holly and amber and i was like SHIIIIIIIT!!!!! it sucked. i had to wait in the office for like 20 minutes and wandered around the empty school drinking water. then some jocks (some of which were the same guys as in lunch) were giving me a lot of shit and making me feel like an ass again on their way to football practice, go fucking figure. assholes. i have a lot of homework.

Friday might be band practice. God only knows whether jeff will show up. i really miss hanging out with Jeff and Zach together. i really hope it can go on. SHIT THAT REMINDS ME! i NEED a wire! we have a gig coming up at a party. are we prepared? of course not. i am constructing a to-do list now with NEED A WIRE at the top.
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(no subject) [Oct. 15th, 2005|10:18 pm]
[ear |Hickey- s/t]


it started out with my being woken up early by the folks, ugh. i had to go to a dedication to a good work friend of my mom's new habitat for humanity home which you know is hard to complain about without seeming ignorant, but lets just say there was a lot of standing up and i just wanted to lay down.

then i go to guitar lessons, where i learn Stockholm Syndrome by Yo La Tengo and i am SO happy about that because i will be performing it at the slam, though i am still nervous and somewhat unprepared, as the chord changes kind of confuse me in some parts.

then after that i make plans with zach, though i wanted to see if jeff could do something too, he was busy as was everyone else i asked so it was just me and zach which was awesome. we saw the new wallace and grommit movie, which was a hoot, such a fun movie. then we played some games at the movie arcade and my parents gathered us up and we went down to hunt valley shopping center, grabbed some grub, and zach and i wandered stores as my folks looked in this dumb giant food market in the area. we ripped out porn mags from the plastic in a crummy hunt valley book store and twas good stuff. we made ourselves look like idiots in Dick's sporting goods, playing golf with a roll of tape and getting caught by the golf dept guy, and then fooling with the weight machines and then getting stared at and watched by this one guy who worked there which was creepy and weird.

on the way back we gossipped about people we like/dislike furiously and planned out our set and stuff for emily's party.

practice tomorrow hopefully

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(no subject) [Oct. 14th, 2005|04:56 pm]
[feel |snuh]
[ear |the replacements: let it be]

livejournal superhahdco'.


school day. and a friday. i have no plans (sad face x 5000) for today but maybe tomorrow or sunday i can get together zach and jeff and like i dunno other people to do a movie, and hopefully i will get to hit record and tape

school was like,
english was really the pits for some reason.

the soft pretzel i ate during lunch had salt compressed into one middle section of the pretzel in large amounts. it was ick.

the replacements are good, i found that out today
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